In the area of coaching, we offer individual coaching sessions, team development, onboarding-coachings and mediation.

Our coach is the graduate psychologist Birgit Troschel, who herself has gained management experience as a HR consultant and partner. She has worked as a coach and trainer for more than 25 years.

Individual coaching

Coaching has now become a standard product as part of HR development and after skills assessments of long-standing employees too.

The coaching is tailored to your individual requirements and is usually preceded by a comprehensive skills assessment based on psychological tests (see HR diagnostics) . Why not request an offer?

Team development

Based on the task at hand, a motivating work atmosphere characterised by respect is created in a targeted way through the determination of the team roles and various personalities (see HR diagnostics). Furthermore specific exercises are carried out so that the potential available in the team can develop in a manner oriented to performance and success.


Recruitment practice has shown that the professional accompaniment of managers after recruitment saves a lot of time and costs. We offer extra-occupational coaching on all management topics and also in the area of sales.

Coaching for co-heads

We were able to assist several co-heads in that the diagnostics (see HR diagnostics) and accompaniment helped them to reflect on their different perspectives and ways of working and to synchronise them profitably.

Carrying out this co-head coaching before the assignment has proven to be beneficial.


Collaboration between people can cause seemingly unsolvable misunderstandings. Professional mediation offers great savings here and reduces the stress levels for all involved.

Download Onepager Coaching [PDF]